We're on a mission to make apprenticeship the norm. To do that, it needs to be easier.
Why We're Here
Streamlining apprenticeship means more, better jobs.
True story - we were introduced to apprenticeships by accident. We set out to build a tool for blue collar, skilled trade workers because that's the world of workers our founders grew up in. Despite this, we knew almost nothing about the apprenticeship world before WorkHands. That shouldn't be the case.
No one should stumble upon apprenticeships. Apprenticeships should be the norm for most students, for most jobs, for most industries. Apprenticeships aren't the norm for a whole bunch of reasons, but one of them is they're far too much of a pain to deliver.
What We Stand For
Always be improving
Apprenticeship discussions can get mired in the complicated, the partnerships, the funding sources, the rules, the paperwork. We need a standard platform. We'll get there by constantly improving this experience at the national level, in our classrooms, on the jobsite with better mentoring, on WorkHands, and every where in between.
Aligning students, employers, community colleges, unions, and government is no easy task. Just keep improving. The end goal is too valuable to get mired in the enormity.
Our Vision
Apprentices should surpass the number of Americans who attend college each year
Today, two thirds of working age Americans do not have a college degree. Apprenticeship programs are ideally suited to those Americans AND many of the ones that have a college degree. As we continue to improve the experience of launching, running, and recruiting for an apprenticeship, colleges take notice.